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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Best Summer Ever

Oh my gosh, I forgot what blogger looks like. Ha! Honestly I just remembered my password.

So, my first summer of camp as a full time staff person is under my belt. It's been exhausting but completely rewarding. Things wrapped up on Friday with our last day of Urban Camp. This is when we take our 5-9 graders to Camp Bridgeport for a stressless week of fun away from the city. I've done lots of camps, but right now this feels like the best one ever. For one, our kids are so thrilled to be there, they really don't complain about anything. For many of them, it truly is the highlight of their year- the only time they can go fishing, the most time they can spend in the great outdoors, and the only time when many of them can have as much food as they want at every meal time. Spending a week with our kids and interns in a place like that made me realize just how important our ministry is. Here are a few pics. I'll share more as soon as the interns put them on facebook.

This is DK, aka Darrell King, one of my favorite personalities of the summer.

This giant slip n slide was a camp favorite.

Boys pool time!

A few of our amazing interns!

Our last worship service.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Check it out! Shane's back in Dallas!

Monday, February 19, 2007


It's almost lent. My life is crazy, and what am I taking a break to blog about? Grey's, what else? Maybe because it's easier to talk in Grey's metaphors than in the realities of my own life. My two favorite Grey’s Anatomy episodes EVER came on again Friday. Both are captured on my DVR, and I fully intend on watching them as soon as I get a few hours to myself. Right now of course, we are in the middle of an equally traumatic 3-episode event. I love this show. Yes, it is too much like a soap opera, but I’ve been with these kids since the first day of their internships at Seattle Grace. You could say that I am a little attached. Izzie's dialogue on Thursday night may have been overly sentimental, but she is becoming my favorite character because her emotion is pretty raw and visible, kind of like mine. We breathe and we survive, even in the midst of death and desires that come to a dead end. We breathe and in doing so we survive. In the face of grief and dreams that slip through your fingers, it may seem overly simple, but it may also be the most important thing to remember.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Um, Hello...if anyone is still there.....

I know. I stink, but my computer bit the dust, and how's a girl to blog? Anyways, I miss you all. The infrequent internet access makes me feel so disconnected from so many folks. So much has been going on, I don't even know where to begin. Well, maybe with the biggest and best bit of news.... I GOT A JOB! I'm working for a ministry in South Dallas. We do day camps and after school programs for kids in inner city neighborhoods, and we bring in college students to work with them. It's designed to help revitalize churches in declining neighborhoods by giving them a presence among youth, and help college students with leadership and discernment. Yes, I do think it is sooo right for me, and the people I'm working with are top-notch. I start on Monday and I can't wait. I'm glad I'll be in Texas a little longer. I'm in the process of trying to find a new place to live around here. If you hear of anything, or know anyone who is looking for a roommate, let me know.

Being home in Mississippi for the holidays was the same as always, nice to see family, nice change of pace, and then good to come back to the city. I've missed Waco lately. I hope I can come down at least for a Sunday really soon. I'm about to get a new cell number and a new address, so I'll send contact update info as soon as I have it.

Last night, I had some of my friends over for the first time we'd all seen each other after the holidays. Some one asked April how she was doing, to which she replied, " It's 2007. I'm great! How else would I be?" My sentiments exactly.

Monday, December 04, 2006

More pictures

Josh and Kelly, two of my favorite people in the whole world. I got to throw parties for both of them this weekend. Doesn't get much better than that for me.

Chad Bertrand highjacked my camera as if it were a tile in my coffeetable. Once a clepto always a clepto.

So good to have this guy back from California! Don't you love that outfit? He may have had some help picking it all out. ; )

The Everwood gang and the friends who have more fun over phase 10 than probably anybody in the world. Missed ya O'Shag.

Nikki, the bride's little sister and the maid of honor. I may adopt her now that Kelly is married.

The birthday boy and his amazing tripple choclate cake. It was wintery goodness. Seriously. You should go to Kroger and get one just to look at.

A deep breath... and make a wish!

A Good December

Yeah, it's been forever since a post. Too much has happened this past month. I'm glad November is over. I survived turning 27 and more. While driving to Waco for Kelly's wedding and bachelorette party on Thursday, I had a thought. Are you ready? Okay, December will be the month to redeem 2006. It's been a stinky year, but now it's advent, and I am choosing to believe that hope and good things are coming. The wedding was absolutely lovely, and Kelly's bachelorette party and Josh's birthday party were good for my soul. December is off to a fantastic start indeed. I'm praying it keeps on coming. Here are some pictures for you to enjoy.

Kelly's awesome cake

Probably the last girls' night for the Waco gang. So sad. We definitely missed Katie McKown and Meredith Story.

The bride and me! I will miss you so much Bainer! Or do we have to call you Bainer-Conkin now?

A good smatherings of the kids who started Truett in Fall of '03

John Young, aka Tina the llama in Truett circles, and me. He says this picture may cause people to stumble. I'm pretty sure he's talking about himself.

Monday, October 30, 2006

It's the first anniversary of Kyle's death. I want to be eloquent and reflective, but more than anything I'm exhausted. Maybe that's appropriate seeing as how the most exhaustive year of my life, and many others, began a year ago today. I worked from pracitally 11-9 and so the most downtime I've had was driving to Richardson for a company meeting and listening to Coldplay. I did get to process things a little yesterday though. I led a time of rembrance last night at Journey, and that was both good and difficult for me. Anyways, I'm tired. For some reason, I'm reliving the fatigue of grief today. Being tired with grief is a very certain tired. It's holistic. Not the way I wanted to spend today, but it is reality. I'm about to enjoy a hard cider and maybe watch Kyle's film before bed. To my ubc readers- I've wanted to be with you today more than you can understand. I love you, and I'm so grateful to have you in my life.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Wherever you will go - dedicated to janalee

Have you ever looked you name up on YouTube? This is my favorite video, dedicated to me. I'm still laughing. Who the heck is this kid?