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Monday, December 04, 2006

More pictures

Josh and Kelly, two of my favorite people in the whole world. I got to throw parties for both of them this weekend. Doesn't get much better than that for me.

Chad Bertrand highjacked my camera as if it were a tile in my coffeetable. Once a clepto always a clepto.

So good to have this guy back from California! Don't you love that outfit? He may have had some help picking it all out. ; )

The Everwood gang and the friends who have more fun over phase 10 than probably anybody in the world. Missed ya O'Shag.

Nikki, the bride's little sister and the maid of honor. I may adopt her now that Kelly is married.

The birthday boy and his amazing tripple choclate cake. It was wintery goodness. Seriously. You should go to Kroger and get one just to look at.

A deep breath... and make a wish!


Anonymous Kelly BC said...

I LOVE your comment under Chad's picture!!!!! I totally laughed out LOUD at it!! I miss you and will call you soon! Work's been crazy! If you do change your cell phone number -- get it to me girl!

7:18 PM  

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