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Monday, December 04, 2006

A Good December

Yeah, it's been forever since a post. Too much has happened this past month. I'm glad November is over. I survived turning 27 and more. While driving to Waco for Kelly's wedding and bachelorette party on Thursday, I had a thought. Are you ready? Okay, December will be the month to redeem 2006. It's been a stinky year, but now it's advent, and I am choosing to believe that hope and good things are coming. The wedding was absolutely lovely, and Kelly's bachelorette party and Josh's birthday party were good for my soul. December is off to a fantastic start indeed. I'm praying it keeps on coming. Here are some pictures for you to enjoy.

Kelly's awesome cake

Probably the last girls' night for the Waco gang. So sad. We definitely missed Katie McKown and Meredith Story.

The bride and me! I will miss you so much Bainer! Or do we have to call you Bainer-Conkin now?

A good smatherings of the kids who started Truett in Fall of '03

John Young, aka Tina the llama in Truett circles, and me. He says this picture may cause people to stumble. I'm pretty sure he's talking about himself.


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