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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Reflections from The Kiss

Many people spend the greater part of their twenties in fear of never finding love. Sometimes we romanticize relationships with blatant naivete. No one is more guilty than me. Then there are moments that make you stop and think. What if the reality of love doesn't equal up to the grandeur of our imaginations? What if actually finding love is just as scary? What happens when you find the most amazing person but the grass of "freedom" starts to look greener? Or when temptation sneaks up on you at the most unexpected of moments? Or when you absolutely fail to love the other person the way they need to be loved? I don't know, but thinking about it scares the pee out of me.

Those are the things The Last Kiss made me think about, but it also made me appreciate the humility and the grace of the struggle to forgive and fight for what matters the most. I've waited so long for this movie with such great anticipation that I was afraid I'd be disappointed, but I wasn't. It actually exceeded my expectations. I hope the same is true for us all with love.


Blogger jenA said...

I'm looking at some myself, for journalism/communications, but I'd be happy to explore anything you had an interest in while I do so.

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um, so i copied your blog title. oops.

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