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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Dr. Ruth Ann Foster

The Truett Community lost one of our most beloved professors today. Ruth Ann Foster was one of the most inspiring women I have ever known, a lover of life and Kentucky basketball. She is the second founding professor we have lost to cancer since I have been there. She inspired so many students over the years, and she was one of the greatest cheerleaders for women in ministry in the whole world. She helped me see Jesus in a new and better way. Dr. Foster was a gift of grace for the first year seminary student- a motherly presence in the strange land of Waco. Not even a year ago, we hugged and cried upon the death of my pastor Kyle, another life she impacted with her teaching and love. I will miss her jokes, her hugs, and the way she could always put men in their place.

Please pray for Dr. Foster's mother, and the Truett community. This is preview weekend, and there will be a huge hole without her.


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