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Sunday, December 11, 2005


I cannot bring myself to study Hebrew tonight. That would be such a mundane ending to a beautiful day. (Not that you can’t find beauty in the mundane, but I can’t get the rest of today off of my mind.) Brian McLaren was at UBC, and boy was I glad to see him. It was good to have him there. I heard the talk he gave before at EC, but it fit well in the Christmas story. Anyways, I got to talk to him for just a few minutes after the service. I told him that I was indebted to him because if I had never read A New Kind of Christian my senior year of college, I would have never come to UBC or to Truett. He kind of blushed and put his hand on my shoulder and said, “Well, it’s easy to see and to feel that there is a lot of grace in this place.” I agreed, and it meant a lot to hear him say that. Since he is like a mentor to me through his books, I felt like I really understood what he meant and that he really meant it. A touching little pastoral moment between me and the B-Mc. It was actually quite lovely.

Then I went to eat Chinese food with the El Paso kids. They are this gang of sophomores in our church, and they all hale from El Paso. They amaze me. They are so smart and fun and accepting. I wish I was asking the questions they are asking when I was 19. I love them a lot actually.

My good friend John Young was ordained at his church tonight. Our mutual friend Jonathan Potter came in with his football gear on, (He was playing in the UBC jingle bowl and his team won! Sorry about that interception Ben. That had to suck.) Anyways, he brought a sign to the ordination! It said in big purple and green letters, “WAY TO GET ORDAINED JOHN!” It was pretty funny.

I’m working on a musical project. Keep reading. I want your input. No, don’t worry. I won’t be singing. I think it will be both therapeutic and meaningful. I can’t wait!!! Seriously.


Anonymous John said...

I was included in the same post as McLaren on Janalee's blog. I'm way impressed. I've definitely hit the big time.

11:22 AM  

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