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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The funeral was yesterday. Apart from the completely un-Kyle Lake-like organ music, it was practically perfect. The people who spoke about Kyle's life really painted a complete picture of who he was to me, and I even felt like I knew him better after they spoke. But you know, you really didn't have to know Kyle to feel like he was your best friend. For twenty or so minutes every Sunday, I felt like I was having a conversation with an old friend about the deep things of God, the things which really matter most in life. God only knows how much I will miss those conversations which felt more like coffee with a friend than sermons from a preacher. I felt like there were so many things left unsaid until Dr. Burleson, the officiating pastor at the funeral, read the closing of the sermon that Kyle never got to preach. It was quite possibly the most beautiful thing my ears have ever heard. As one of the leaders in our church said, "I think that's the best s*#t he's ever written." If you are familar with his work, you know that is saying a lot. I think it will be on line tomorrow, and I'll post it here. I have been using the word "divine" to describe it because I don't really think that there is any other explanation for those words to be the last he ever wrote.

As I silently cried in the service, I thought to myself, I wish that every Christian could be here to hear this. I wish that every person in the world could know the joy that comes from life with Jesus the way Kyle lived and expierenced it. That may sound cheesy, but I really was thinking it. I know that those of us who are experiencing this so deeply right now will never be the same. I only hope that however we change, we will live and love our God and all the beauty he has created more deeply than we ever imagined we could. Thank you Kyle, for showing me a glimpse of that. Thank you for drawing me, with your insights and charisma, to the best community I could ever imagine. Thank you for teaching me the beauty of the entire concept and reality of community. Thank you for helping me to see that God is much more likeable than I ever understood him to be. Thank you for proving to me that it is actually okay to say things like that. Thank you for the the example you gave me for the kind of minister that I now desperately want to be. God help me love people as much as Kyle Lake did. God use me in the lives of those around me the way you used Kyle in my life. Let me love you and life the way he did. All thanks and praise be to you O God who is able to do immeasurably more than all we can ever ask or imagine. Amen.


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