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Sunday, October 16, 2005

So in your opinion....

I had to republish my blog to make those silly spam messages go away. I think it kind of looks goofy now. I'm ready for a change. I need your suggestions. Also, I'm thinking seriously about a change in title, maybe something less country, but I really like how the idea started. Take a gander at my first few posts in May of 2004 for a detailed history of "Confessions of an Unlikely Cracker Barrel Junkie". I've always known there is a bit of paradox in that statement b/c for most I would not seem like an unlikely choice for a cracker barrel fanatic because of my crazy accent.

Lots of pics and things to share with you about my weekend, but that'll just have to wait. My bed is calling my name!!!

But seriously, readership, let me know what you'd like to see on my blog, both visually, thematically, and topically.


Blogger soundofmethinkingtooloud said...

Visually....maybe some color. Maybe 3 complementary colors or a background image.

Contentwise....maybe dreams about what you would like to be doing post-Seminary.

Just some thoughts....

6:35 PM  

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