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Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Don't you remember playing these games over e-mail in college. They were fun, and now they have entered the blog world.

5 Things I plan to do before I die:
  1. Drive across country
  2. Graduate seminary
  3. Live outside the Bible belt
  4. Meet a president
  5. fall in love

5 things I can do:

  1. cook
  2. throw awesome parties
  3. speak in front of an audience
  4. the splits
  5. write (Terry York says so, not me, but if he says it it has to be true.)

5 things I can't do:

  1. sing
  2. loose my accent
  3. loose weight
  4. lie
  5. math

5 things that attract me to the opposite sex:

  1. what he's like around people
  2. compassion
  3. brains
  4. some one who makes me laugh and cry
  5. love for children

5 things I say most often:

  1. Hey ______ (insert honey, baby, sweetie, or darlin. pick your personal favorite.)
  2. The new David Crowder CD is stinkin' awesome.
  3. I don't wanna do my homework
  4. I haven't seen you in forever
  5. What are you doing for lunch?

5 celebrity crushes:

  1. Donald Miller
  2. Rob Lowe (really Sam Seaborn)
  3. Noah Wylie
  4. Bradley Whitford (really Josh Lyman)
  5. Tucker Carlson (I like nerds, and as you can see, I am bipartisan when it comes to romance.)

5 people I want to do this: (do five people even read my blog?)

  1. John Young
  2. Phillip Crum
  3. Katie McKown (you can do it on facebook)
  4. Vernon Bowen
  5. Josh Brewer (you should actually write something on your blog. that would be fun.)


Blogger lynnette said...

yes, 5 people read your blog. probably more. and i happen to agree with Dr. York about your writing.

7:39 PM  
Blogger Vernon Bowen said...

I'll do it soon. You were very accurate with your answers. What are you doing for lunch Friday? I think some of us are going to eat with RAF if she's feeling okay.

8:51 AM  
Blogger soundofmethinkingtooloud said...

I read it.

9:55 AM  
Blogger John said...

i'll see what i can do. what if i just posted it on here? :)

1:40 PM  
Blogger John said...

check out www.johndyoung.blogspot.com
:) it's the only thing on there.

2:43 PM  

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