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Friday, September 30, 2005

My week in poetry

Truett's resident poet, Terry York, told us that sometimes he journals in poetry. Since I esteem him so dearly I figured I might as well give it a shot, and I might as well share it with someone since it's not really all that personal.

I found grace this week in a long awaited cool night
And in songs that are new and old
In faces long forgotten
And in dreams still unforetold

I felt like a child this week with a jubilant expectation
And with a fear of the unknown
With a yearning to cling to someone, something
And with the realization of how much I’ve grown

I faced challenges this week from unexpected places
And from a fearless social prophet
From people who I still don’t understand
And from the lack of cash that’s in my pocket

I lived deeply this week through the grace that I’ve been given
And through remembering things both precious and true
Through poetry that reminds us of what is important
And through focusing on the present while glancing in the rear view


P.S. I had lunch with Tony Campolo this week. It was every bit as amazing as you might imagine. I jumped on the facebook band wagon, and I'm a total addict. People from Kossuth, MC, FBC Clinton, and friends here at Baylor. Almost too much and completely dangerous for a social butterfly like me. I also kind of freaked out b/c the next "move" is on the horizon, and it's downright scary. In theological capstone, we began reading "The Ragamuffin Gospel", and anything related to Brennan Manning is always an emotional experience for me. I worshipped all week long in my car screaming, "You are my joy, you are my joy, you are my joy, you are my JOOOOOOOOOOOY." Yes, and I'm still laughing so hard. A busy week, but yet a great week as you can see.


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