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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Everything I Forgot to Tell you

So much has happened in the past two weeks, it's been impossible to blog about it all. So I'll just give you the highlights.

1. School started! Which I was kind of excited about, but that feeling said goodbye when the homework started to pile up.
2. I dropped my Scriptures III class. I felt overloaded, and there was only one other girl in the whole class. All the guys are married, and they either want to be theology professors or pastors. Needless to say, I felt really out of place on top of the $300 bill for books that class would require.
3. I spoke at UBC on Sunday. I showed a few pictures and talked about my summer. It went okay.
4. UBC people came to my house for Sunday lunch, and that was really special.
5. On Monday, I had my dental implants. Getting titanium screws drilled into your gums is never fun. It's Wednesday now, and I still feel groggy from going under and from all the pain meds. Hopefully this feeling will subside by tomorrow.
6. Still no job but I'm looking.
7. This weekend I'm going to see the Clinton Arsenal soccer team play at a tourney in Dallas. Ryan and I will get to hang out and see some of our old youth, and that'll be great.
8. Tonight, I'm going to my first community group at UBC. It's on the book Adventures in Missing the Point. It's been on my shelf for a while now, and this will finally make me read it. I don't know anyone else who will be there, so it'll be a good opportunity to meet new folks.
9. Covenant group started today. For those of you unaware with Truett life, covenant group is like an assigned accountability group where you work through different areas of spiritual formation each semester. The focus of this semester is evangelism. I think evangelism is important, but I'm not sure that spiritual formation is the proper place for it in seminary. I'm pretty sure, my new ideas on what evangelism should look like, though not completely in stone, do not look like what was described to me this morning. This will be an interesting semester.
10. Sunday I'm going to a cook-out that my new Sunday School class is having. I'm pumped about that. The class is called Messy spirituality, and it seems we're focusing on the whole desensitizing and reconstruction issue. This is something I feel that I'm constantly doing, so I'm hoping this class will help me on that journey.


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