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Monday, August 02, 2004

Back in Waco

Camp is finally over, and I'm home again in Waco. I've been excited about blogging for a while now, but now that I have an opportunity to, I'm not so sure what to say. Camp was a myriad of emotions and experiences both good and bad. It's just like normal life, but only more fast pace, repetitive, and pursposeful. Many elements of camp are the same week in and week out, but the people are always changing. Nearly every moment is about ministry. I saw God work in so many different ways, which was refreshing seeing as I've had my nose burried in books most of this past year. I was humbled but also edified. I made lots of mistakes, but I know God used me as well.

I was ready to see camp come to an end this time around. I always feel like I get less and less sleep as the summers progress and as my responsibilites increase. (The main activity of the past three day has been sleeping. This usually last a week.) It was also strange ending camp at home in Waco. I was estatic to see the place. (That must be good). There was a struggle between working camp and being back at home among friends. It's strange having two worlds collide like that. I'm not so sure I like it.

Even though I was glad to see camp come to a close, I'm going through the annual fuge withdrawals. It's like every moment of your camp experience is spent investing in the lives of students or preparing activities for them. Then you come back to real life, and you miss the purposefulness you feel during camp time. Today I sat at home and took care of some necessary buisness, but I hardly talked to a soul. Kelly came home, and I really didn't have much to contribute to our conversation. These things make me a little sad, but I am glad to have some much needed alone time.


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