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Sunday, June 27, 2004

Camp is Insane but Great!

Late nights, early mornings, crazy teenagers breaking rules, and late night fast food runs to escape cafeteria food (or to eat b/c you were too busy to eat super) are circumstances that come with every camp experience. The past two weeks have been no different. More than anything though, God is moving all over the place. I love it! I have so many stories and so little time. Here are a few random ones:

* When my friend Mel and I visited a construction ministry site in Atlanta, we met a lady named Ms. Vivan. The campers were putting vinyl siding on her house. She said, "These teenagers are the closest I get to the face of God." I got chills, and when I got to Mel's truck I cried. It was one of the most incredible comments I've ever heard. That my friends is why I do what I do.

* Last week, a kid walked into the camp store after one of the most amazing worship services I've ever experienced at camp. We did a missions moment that emphasized the country of Sudan that was very powerful. Anyways, when this kid Devin walked into the store he said, "I don't want to buy anything, I just want to know where I can give money to Sudan."

*Another girl in my Bible study group named Jordan told me she couldn't wait to go to the mall. This disappointed me because I am an optimist and I would like to think that kids who come to a missions camp will give to the missions offering, and you can't give sacrificially and still have a shopping spree at the mall. I asked her why she wanted to go and she said, " I just wanted to buy a present for the little kids at our Back Yard Bible Club.

* I met a youth minister named Chuck who is also a cardiology technician. He's been to 14 countries to do medical missions. He's helping to open a hospital in Haiti for AIDS babies. He said they are just lying in cribs, crying and dying, waiting to be held. I cried at this story and told him to sign me up.

* The place we stayed in Atlanta was just a few minutes from the original Chik-fil-A. It's called the Dwarf House.It's open 24 hours, and they bring the food to your table just like a diner. They have the most incredible vanilla milkshakes I've ever had. The Dwe-Z He-Z was sick.

* We arrived in Murphy, NC Friday via a 15 passanger black van complete with spinners on the wheels (I learned that in the hood, these are called Sprewells) and a window unit air conditioner hanging out the back. This all belongs to the lead guitarist Beau. He is something else. Words just really can't describe the vehicle or it's owner. It's like a country boy on a Harley meets a ganster. Imagine if you dare.

*I love Murphy,NC! I think I could live in these parts if the opportunity arose. Just a few miles away is Clay's Opossum Pit in Brasstown, NC. It's the opossum capital of the world. Friday nights they have blue grass music in the back of the store that doubles as the video rental. You will have to see the pictures to believe it. Instead of dropping the traditional apple on New Year's, these gentle people drop a opossum. No, I'm not lying.

I've got to jet to supper. Please remember me in your prayers. Energy is low. Time with God feels short. It never feels like everything never gets done nor every relationship is nurtured. I think it's going to be a great week. I just really need rest. Love to my peeps from the opossum capital of the world.


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