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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Some flicks I'm looking forward to......

So, this movie is coming to the Magnolia on September 15. I just discovered it on Crowder's xanga, and I've spent some time reading up on it this morning. In some ways, it's like the junior real-life version of the movie Saved! Here's a link to an interesting article with the filmmakers. http://www.lokifilms.com/site/JCpress/press_3.html Apparently at this camp, they bring in George W. Bush stand up figures to teach kids that Christians vote Republican and models of fetuses to introduce kids to the pro-life agenda. This is a must see, at least for me. It sounds like a nightmare, but I want to hold my opinions until the film debuts.

Also debuting on September 15........

Mr. Braff was on Letterman last night, and he was witty, charming, and adorable in that completely sexy and authentic way that no one else can do quite as well. I'm continually impressed by Zach Braff. If the down to earth people of our generation got together to elect a posterboy, he would win hands down. Guys think he is hilarious and brilliant, and girls just want to stay in bed and listen to music with him all day. At least, Lindsay and I do. I just don't get the whole Mandy Moore thing. You want him to be with someone who feels more like one of us, and she doesn't seem to fit the bill. Maybe he had the same feeling, and that's why they aren't together anymore. Who knows?

The soundtrack is amazing. Almost as good as Garden State, and one day I may even like it more. I haven't bought it yet because I've been taking Braff's musical advice for so long (or maybe that was really Josh Brewer's) that I have most of those songs on other cd's, but I'd definitely going to get it whenever I have cash for such things. If you want to preview it you can check out http://www.lastkissmovie.com/ or myspace, of course.

According to an August 14, post on Zach's myspace page, he's doing a promotional tour next week, and Dallas is one of the stops. I'm googling everyday to try to figure out where he'll be. I cannot think of a better way for a single, beautiful, and unemployed 26 year old female to spend her time rather than stalking the likes of Zach Braff. (other than trying to find gainful employment, obviously) And I don't mean stalk in a weird way. He's one of those celebrities that you really want to meet and have a personal memory with because his art and his stories speak to you on such a personal level.

Two weeks from Friday! I can hardly wait. Raise your hand if you are in for a double feature.


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