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Sunday, July 02, 2006

In Town Vacay

Why do I always feel the need to tell people on cyber space all the fun things that happen in my life? I'm not sure, but maybe it's more to help me remember. This week has been busy with fun, and you can relive it with me or stop reading right now. No matter, I just need to remember it for myself.

Let's start with last Sunday...

1 am- Josh returns from India. This was emotional. Many of you know that he's been there for 5 weeks and on the fourth day of his trip, I called him to tell him our good friend from college was killed in a car accident. We stayed up and talked until about 4, but I couldn't sleep.

5am- Still not asleep. Inspiration strikes and I get up to finish the sermon that I will deliver in 12 hrs.

6am- Lay down again. My eyes will not open, but at the same time sleep won't come.

10am- Get up, shower, go to Jason's Deli for lunch.


5pm- Preach for the first time at Journey. It went well. I really enjoyed it.

6pm- Eat supper with Journey folks at the flying fish. It was sooooo good. It reminded me of catfish from home. Loved it.

9pm- My first visit to The Old Monk, a favorite hang out of the Journey crew. Discovered the best freakin' beer in the world. It's Belgium and it's call De Konnick. (at least I think that's how you spell it.)

11pm- sleep like a baby. I think this is the longest I've ever gone without sleep in my entire life. 36 hrs, and not even a nap. It was crazy. Not sure what was going on with my body


Not the most fun day, but I had a job interview at 3pm. I loved the company, but not the particular position, seeing as how it doesn't start until August, and I need something sooner, oh as in immediately.

5pm- Josh and I eat at Freebird's. Mmmmmm.

7:30 pm- That time of the Week. This is my women's group from Journey. I love those girls, and we always have a good time. That night we ate cheesecake and talked about the need, or the lack there of, to give birth. Odd, but stimulating.


9am- Run out to buy B Collision and the new copy of Relevant with a very talked about article on the emerging church

9:30am- Meet with Danielle for mentoring. A highlight of each week.

12:00pm- Have lunch with Danielle, Laura Fregin (pastor of City Church) and Josh at Jason's Deli to discuss upcoming Urban Training Institute, which has an Emerging Church track. Should be interesting.

2:00pm- My first trip to the Magnolia. Josh and I see A Prairie Home Companion. I LOVED IT! Seriously, I think it's the best movie I've seen all year.


Wednesday morning wasn't so much fun, because I realized I am broke. Josh witnessed an unfortunate emotional spectacle.

5pm- The Millers take us out to have Indian food with the Sharps. This was fun, but I was still in a pissy mood. The Sharps are some of the most interesting folks I've met in awhile. They are a young couple who has been traveling on a pilgrimage across America for the past nine months. They are musicians, graphic designers, and free spirits. Holly is expecting, so they are going to be in San Francisco in the fall. Josh is in San Francisco right now exploring the opportunity to do his mentoring in the community they are going to be a part of, so this was kind of a networking dinner.

7pm- Sharps perform concert for Journey. It was good. Ryan is an excellent storyteller, and many of the things he's been dealing with are some of the same conversations I've been a part of lately. My friend Soccer Stacey comes to the concert. She is my suitemate from college.

9pm- Josh, Stacey, and I head back to my house to reminisce about college.


6 am- Take Josh to DFW to catch flight for San Fran.

11am- Have lunch with my new friend Courtney Perry. She rocks my face off, and she's on my lay committee. We go to an Indian buffet in a Hindu temple. It was really cool. I've never had Indian food in my life, and all of the sudden, I have it two meals in a row. Crazy.

5pm- My friends from Waco Sarah and Tori come get dressed at my apartment.

6pm- We have dinner in downtown Dallas.

7pm- We meet Scott and Candace Shaw at Music Hall and catch Les Misrables. It was my first time to see it. It was a really good show except that the girl playing Clausette could NOT hit her high notes. I felt sorry for her.


Spend the morning resting, cleaning, and searching for more job opportunities on the web.

5pm- Leave for Ft. Worth to meet up with my cousin Lorie.

7pm- We go to Fresco's which is a really good Mexican restaurant. Guac at your table and killer Margaritas, which were my first since I've lived in Dallas. Yum.


Sleep in.

11am- Lay out by the pool of the couple Lorie is house sitting for.

2pm- Head to Sundance Square in downtown Ft. Worth and walk around for a bit. Such a neat place.

4pm- See The Devil Wears Prada. Really cute movie that I think most of you ladies would like.

7pm- Get some Sheridan's Custard. Holy cow, it's amazing

9pm- Catch the neighborhood fireworks display. I'm not sure if we were in Keller, Watagua, or Ft. Worth, because the neighborhood we were in is the point where they all meet. I can tell you though, that this was one of the best fireworks displays I've ever seen. I know the American Dream is crap and all, but for a minute, I really wanted to live in the suburbs with my husband and 2.5 children.

10pm- Back in the pool. I bet I haven't been swimming at night in 10 years. It was relaxing.

So this morning I'm back in Dallas, and there are no major plans for the week, but that could be good. I probably need a rest. This week was my vacation for the summer, and I'm glad I got to spend it having a good time with folks I love.


Anonymous Tori said...

I was sooooo happy to be part of your fabulous vacation, friend. :-)

11:49 AM  
Blogger Vernon Bowen said...

Man, you've had a rollicking good week. Hope I can catch you when I visit Dallas next!

8:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh... you have to try Hoegaarden... it's another famous beer from Belgium. It also = so good. We should have a beer tasting party in Dallas! :)

8:09 PM  
Anonymous Lindsay A. said...

I enjoy reading about your life so tell away.....I wish I could find you a job though......how is that going?

12:27 PM  
Blogger Ann said...

the old monk is my favorite bar. i used to go to journey sometimes when i was in dallas. i'm friends with darrell shepherd and some of the old journey folk. glad you had fun.

7:24 PM  
Anonymous beth said...

couldn't sleep so I was catching up on some blogs...it made me smile when you replayed 3pm on sunday...that was a wonderful day. miss you my friend.

12:15 AM  

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