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Saturday, November 05, 2005

The long awaited week's end

This week is almost over, and I could not be more thankful. I've thought I've felt better the past two days, but then there are moments when I am exhausted with grief. Today I was thinking that I just want this to be over with and for us all to feel good again. Then I realized that it's not really something that ends, but hopefully in time, we'll all feel better. Until then, we are trying to grieve well just as Kyle wrote. That's one that I wished he would've explained a little more.

In the morning, we will meet at Truett. Props to Common Grounds, Baylor's fave coffee house, for donating coffee for us. Kyle was probably the best patron that place will ever see, and so it seems like a fitting tribute for us to enjoy a cowboy coffee for him tommorrow. I dread tomorrow in a way, but I'll be glad for us all to be together. We still need your prayers. This week has shown me that I love this community more than I ever realized before. (go back and read my post from the 28th) I also realized how much they love me. Thank God we have each other UBCers. I only hope that in the days and weeks to come our community and love for each other grows even deeper.

God you are still good. Help us all to remember that.


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