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Sunday, October 03, 2004

The Way Love Should Be

The Way Love Should Be

Finally, after an anguishing wait, I got to see the critically acclaimed (at least by my girlfriends) motion picture, The Notebook at our local dollar cinema. “Agh!” and a somber “wow” were the only words I could manage as I exited the theatre. At some point in time, because time is a little fuzzy after that experience, I did muster the words, “That’s the way love should always be.”

I didn’t cry just a little during this film, I sobbed. The two main characters, Noah and Allie, had a love that withstood all the fearful circumstances that life throws out: criticism, distance, war, other lovers, and even the loss of all memories. I know I could not write a more perfect love story if I tried. It may have been idealistic in some ways. Being caught in the midst of a torrential down pour and then running indoors only to rip off soaking wet clothes to make mad passionate love to a guy in a gorgeous house that he spent his entire life savings remodeling just for you may only be in the movies, but let’s face it, it is every girl’s fantasy. It was real though, I saw a 70- something aged man crying as he left the theatre with his wife. That let me know that there was something more real about the love in this movie than I could imagine even after soaking at least one Kleenex.

A girl just wants to be loved and wanted. Noah could not bear to be without his sweetheart. He ached for the one and only love of his life. Now I am just silly enough to hold out hope that somewhere in this world there’s a guy that might feel similarly about a loudmouthed and sometimes bitchy country girl like me. We’ll fight, and he’ll tell me I’m a pain in the ass, and I’ll tell him he’s a world class s.o.b, but in the end we’ll love each other all the more for it, because that’s who we are, and we won’t be afraid to call each other out for it. We’ll love each other through our imperfections, and in the end, he’ll be a better man and I’ll be a better woman because of each other. Yes, I am crazy enough to think that’s what true love should be and that it really does exist, even for some one like me.


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