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Monday, October 04, 2004

Give me a Break

So I've been trying to bog now for several days, but I can't publish from my laptop and now I'm at the library. It doesn't afford a girl much privacy, so I will have to squash a little of the past few days' drama. If I was alone at the moment I would be in tears no doubt. Here's a rundown of what's been going on:

- On Saturday night I went to see the Notebook . I have an entry saved on my laptop about the movie, but unfortunately I am presently to access it. On the way back, my car overheated.

- Sunday was not a good day for the old self esteem. I felt shot down once again by a boy whom I would really like to date. Then one of my oldest and dearest friends agreed with me that I am not mysterious or attractive, and that it will be hard for me to find someone, especially in Waco, aka hot girl capital USA. He tried to recover with, "Well, you have a cute accent". To which I replied, "Tell me someone who will want to wake up to it every morning." Then he made a lame joke that I wouldn't be single anymore after I met Donald Miller. I left my cell phone in his car, and freaked out for an hour after I got home because I couldn't find it.

- This morning, I took my car to the garage. I missed a job interview, and probably the chance at a job with my name written all over it, because of I had no transportation, and everyone else was too busy to take me. The bill was $300. That's never good, but it's 10 times worse when you don't have a job.

- I've been crying a lot today, because it seems like nothing good happens to me in this town. I missed the majority of a panel discussion with my favorite professor, Terry York, and my favorite author Brian McLaren. I showed up 30 minutes late, but Brian was 50 minutes late for his own panel. His three hour flight became a nine hour flight, and he waited for hours on a tarmac in Abilene, TX. Yikes! Then a kind lady, who just happened to be the top Weinarammer trainer in the world, drove him to Waco. If you have to have a bad day, at least I get to share it with B-Mc. I can call him that because we're bff.

In the morning I leave for the Catalyst conference in Atlanta. Thank God I'm getting out of this place for a week. I hope the conference will be worshipful and refreshing. If you are reading this please pray that God would grant me a better attitude and that I would learn to see all the good things in my life.


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