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Saturday, June 05, 2004

Days Gone By

June 3, 2004

It’s a beautiful thing when your car knows a road so well it makes the right turns all by itself. My car was like today as I drove from Jackson to Clinton. Right now I’m sitting in one of my favorite places- the quad at Mississippi College. It is a beautiful day. My view from under the magnolia tree right next to Provine Chapel is a lovely one. I see the freshly mown grass, new day lilies and daisies, and a new statue of Jesus washing the disciples feet. The new editions don’t erase the happy memories of this place. I think I remember having a great conversation with Nathan Chapman on the bench I’m sitting on right now. Just a few feet in front of me, I served cokes from the Dade Dowdle for President Coke wagon. We were so happy when he one the dirtiest election MC ever saw. I remember meeting Ivan Parke, the most handsome professor in the Christian studies department, on the sidewalk just beyond me, and being embarrassed because as we talked ants started crawling all over my feet. Field Day was on the far side of the quad once. I remember laughing my head off watching Nennies (girls from the really prissy social tribe) eat sardines. Once somebody trashed Ann Ransom’s car and parked it right behind where I’m sitting now. It was quite the joke. When we were Freshman we stood in a line that almost backed up to the flagpole to try and get a room in the New Women’s Dorm the year it first opened. There were lots of BBQ’s, ultimate Frisbee games, concerts, and worship services out here. Mary and I hid Easter Eggs out here once our freshman year for Evan Lenow to find. Inside were messages asking him to Laguna Informal. I once climbed one of the smaller trees just in front of me and pretended to be a squirrel to ask Thad Burkhalter to Laguna Formal. He said yes and the humiliation was worth it. Most of all, I remember the millions of hugs and friendly little chats I would have with people walking to and from class. God I love this place. Why can’t you freeze college in time forever. Maybe I wouldn’t appreciate it as much if you could.

People call MC the little Christian bubble. I hear them complain about how fake people here tend to be. I was probably one of the worst, but that doesn’t change the way I feel about this place. I treasure the people I met as a result of my time here. I love them, and I’m pretty sure some of them still love me. Whatever you want to call it, I’ll call it home because I don’t think I’ve ever felt so accepted in a place. Life goes, on and I’m sure the best days are yet to come, but I will always look back on my time here with fondness. I feel so peaceful sitting here now. I feel comfort from the past, excitement for the future, and contentment in the present. Life feels pretty sweet from this little green bench in the center of my former life.


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