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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

DC*B Could Be MSN's Artist of the Month!!!!!

How exciting!!!! Here's a blurb from the msn web site. I'm thinking this is closer to the credit they've been deserving for a long time.

David Crowder Band
In only a couple of years, David Crowder and his band have single-handedly redefined what contemporary Christian music should sound like. While Crowder is unafraid to make direct and straightforward pledges to his savior, he seems extremely restless creatively and tries his hand at any style that suits him. Even Crowder's fans in the Christian music community had to be blown away by the album "A Collision or (3+4=7)," a literate, pensive and complicated album about death. It won the Dove Award for Best Rock Album, and has even secular fans wondering what's up next.
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Blogger Candace Shaw said...

heehee. if you click on their little profile on that page and then click on albums you can hear their version of Feliz Navidad off of the WOW Christmas album. I couldn't stop giggling.

3:42 PM  

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