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Sunday, February 20, 2005

Prayer and the Art of Honesty

After a weekend of doing little or nothing, I'm exhausted! I did go to two Baylor athletic events- a girls' basketball game yesterday and a baseball game today. Now that seminary students get in free, I may become a true Baylor fan. After all, I missed out on cool Division I stuff in college.

Once again, Kyle's talk was amazing! He's doing a series on prayer which has been kickin' ass right and left. He read Matthew 6 from the Message which talks about how "the so-called prayer warriors are really prayer ignorant". In our worship classs last semester, a guest speaker said that the songs we sing on Sunday mornings are giving our children a praise vocabulary." He was advocating a variety of different styles, hymns, and choruses. I'll buy that. On the same note, I've definitely acquired a prayer vocabulary over the years. As Kyle said this morning, for those of us who grew up in church, prayers have often been staged and full of cliches. My favorite quote from this morning: "What if the real prayer warriors were the fumblers and bumblers. Their prayers may be low in zingers but high in substance."

If prayer really is a conversation, and I think we've established that it is, at times it can be the most natural thing in the world, and at other times, the most awkward. Maybe it's okay to be awkward as long as you're real. Funny it took me 25 years of growing up in church to hear that. Funny how it's something I've probably always known and yet was never encouraged or taught to emulate.


Blogger lynnette said...

i am so stinking jealous that you're getting to hear all those good thoughts from kyle.

still no church home here.


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