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Monday, January 10, 2005

My Long Absence

I sincerely apologize to all my old and new readers for my lack of posting as of late. Can you imagine how much has actually happened between Christmas Eve and January 10? A whole heck of a lot I tell you. Maybe I'll give you the top ten events. Get ready kids, this could take a while.

10. I got cash and lots of DVD's for Christmas. It was fun time. It's amazing that as you get older you get less excited about you Christmas gifts even though mine were great and I appreciate them. The most exciting part of things now is watching Allison and Ashley open their presents. My favorite thing they got were these new fangled toys called "love cubs". Ashley got a panda and named it Dandy Mandy Pandy, and Allison received a grizzly cub and decided to call it Goody Woody Hoody. They look life like and they hug you and yawn and coo. It's the cutest thing I've ever seen.

9. Adrienne and Jason welcome to my blog! I'm so happy you guys found it and read it. For the rest of the world, these are two of my favorite people from my M-Fuge history. Please feel free to make goofy comments on here as frequently as you like. You two should both start blogs. That'd be real entertainment.

8. 90's Trivial Pursuit has made me feel smarter than just about any other thing on this earth ever has. I bought it with my Christmas money, and I played it twice and was brutally defeated, but then the old adage the third times a charm kicked in and I dominated! No, not because I knew all the questions from the previous times of play, but simply because I can remember random crap, and the crap I could actually remember kept popping up. It was amazing, yet sadly enough I'm sure that night will never be duplicated again.

7. While in a store in Corinth, I ran into Roddy Hopper. We went to high school together, and I'm pretty sure he hated me because,I was the epitome of the goody goody little overly zealous Christian girl that all normal boys love to hate. I didn't recognize him at all. He waved to me, I did a double take, and then he walked over to give me a hug. He was with his wife, and they told me they live only 45 minutes from Waco. I talked to his wife, who was so sweet, and in the course of the conversation I randomly mentioned church and ministry a couple of times. Roddy got ancy and I wondered if he thought over zealous Janalee was going to try to evangelize them right in the middle of that store. The though of that kind of hurt. It's funny how people grow up and change.

6. My I-term class started off with a bang. A guy named Lewis Timberlake, a motivational speaker who's really in the speakers' hall of fame, lectured us all day on leadership principles. This guy dropped names like George Stephanopolis, Mayor Rudy, Sam Walton, and even Bear Bryant. He told us to move our alarm clocks across the room so we would get straight out of bed. I've done it, and I took a few more tips from him, and I must say that it's been great for me.

5. On my way back to Waco, I ate with my cousin Travis who's stationed at the Air Force Base in Little Rock. We haven't seen each other in since we were 12, so we had a lot of catching up to do, and it was fun.

4. The New Year's Eve party at the Whitehouse was a success. I made champagne punch, we played 90's Trivial Pursuit, and on the front porch there was an amazing view of the latino fireworks show. A person who will remain nameless tried to plot out a way to get all of us girls kissed, and we laughed at her. All in all it was a great night.

3. I read he's just not that into you, and it is totally kicking my ass. Nobody ever comes out and tells girls that if a boy doesn't act like he likes you, he doesn't like you. It was exactly the bluntness that I needed.

2. Mary Pritchett is now engaged. In case you don't know, she's one of my dearest friends in the world. In college, she always talked about how she never wanted to get married. Inside, I knew that was all bunk. We've never met her fiance, Justin, but it seems like a great match. I cried a little because it just seemed so surreal, and I just seem so alone because all my girls from college are either married, engaged, or dating the man they will eventually marry. I'm fine now though. Somewhere along the way in the past two weeks, I've become completely okay being unattached at this time of my life. I've even started to think about what life would be like if I don't get married in the next five or so years. I'm going to buy a dog straight out of seminary, and if there's still not a guy by the time I'm 30, I want to adopt a small Asian girl and name her Skye.

1. My I-term class was boring in the middle, but it ended on Saturday with me in tears. I never cry in seminary classes because sadly the passion in me is never stirred that deeply. A guy named Jim Herrington talked to our class about a church he planted in Huston and about a book he's written called Leading Congregational Change. So many people talk about how you do church, but it's rare to hear someone talk about how you be the Church, and that's what ignites something inside of me. I'm still processing things that he said, and I'm sure I'll process them with you here if you hang with me.

All this for some reason makes me feel really grown up. I feel like roots are growing in Waco temporary as they maybe, and above all, I'm really happy. Regular class starts tomorrow, and there's still lots I need to tell you, but I've got to get things done today.


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