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Friday, December 24, 2004

A Very Wonderful Film

Last Saturday, I went with Josh to Dallas to see A Very Long Engagement. It is hands down one of the best motion pictures that I have seen in the past few years. The film is set in World War I France and centers around a young woman named Mathildie (Audrey Totou, Amalie 2001) who tirelessly searches for information concerning her courtmartialed fiance and his alleged death.
I bought the novella the next day, and just finished reading it. The story is compelling, and with the present war in Iraq, the story has had quite an effect on me. War really is hell. Not only for the soliders but for the ones who love them. Lieut. Colonel John Rhodes, a friend of my family, is scheduled to fly out to Iraq next week for a two year stint. He leaves a wife and two children behind along with a huge extended family. His unit is in Hattiesburg, and should be at home with their families already, but they are stuck there because some weapons have gone missing and there are no leads.
Landon Tucker, a friend from my graduating class, is also in this unit. My step-niece just married his brother, and they have a four month old son.
I watched CNN today who followed a father of five from Georgia through his family Christmas and then to Iraq. The whole family cried, and so did I.
War is hell, and sometimes bombs, guns, and tanks have nothing to do with that.
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Janalee-This is Adrienne Casey and I need you to contact me ASAP. My number is 251-604-9680 in case you don't have my number-Look forward to hearing from you.

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