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Thursday, December 02, 2004

There are so many things I want to write about this week. I just went to Greek breakfast at IHOP, and now I'm sitting in the library. It's December, and it almost impossible to find a parking space around here. It gets that way towards finals. Anyways, I'm sitting in Jones, a place where you are always sure to see seminarians hanging around the commentaries and Jeffrey Sunshine Conkin, because I wanted to get a jumpstart on my all my homework for today. And look what I'm doing- blogging. Lately I've become a slacker on schoolwork and that really frustrates me, however I am glad to start my morning off on the blogosphere.

What should I tell you about today:
a) reconnecting with my cousin who's in the Air Force
b) how my professor has been declared a heretic my the big dogs in the SBC
c) my flirtatious nature coming back
d) Josh Brewer's fantasy birthday party tonight
e) the new emerging church in Jackson's Fondren district
f) the horrible and disturbing pranks being played to my seminary community

I'm not sure. I think I'll work on some Greek homework, and then maybe I'll come back to this. It's a cliffhanger I know. I love to keeping you in suspense.


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