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Monday, May 01, 2006

A Night I'll Never Forget

Global Night Commute Waco. Could it have rocked anymore than it did? Roughly 1,000 people were there to raise awareness about the horrible situation in Uganda. There were little kids, youth groups, rockstars, hordes of college students, and even senior adults in attendance. It was down right beautiful. I wish I could more eloquently explain it, but I can't.

I will say that while I really wanted to do what ever I could to help the children of Uganda and to support this amazing group of college students in their efforts, a little part of me begrudged the event because it took up so much of my last two weeks in Waco. But as I lay beside my friends from the greatest church in the world with the red lights of the letters A-L-I-C-O shining in my face, I thought about what we'd been through together. As I zipped up my sleeping bag, I thought about the kids in Uganda sleeping along side their friends and everything they suffer and endure together. It was as close to solidarity as I've ever come to those children even though I'll never completely understand their despair. Now I know I wouldn't trade that night for anything in the world.

My eyes flooded with tears as these students unscrolled this banner. This was our city phrase which along with all the phrases from other cities will make a powerful statement for the final cut of the film. Children of Uganda, we truly have cried with you.

I'll bring you more thoughts and pictures in the days to come.


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