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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

What's New with Me....

New Music: Snow Patrol
New Favorite Movie: Million Dollar Baby
New Favorite Childhood Movie that I bought at Target: Candleshoes, one of Disney's best kept secrets starring the teenage Jodie Foster
New Friends: Harry, the Singleton, and Drew (with many more on the way)
New Favorite old friends who I've recently reconnected with: Sam and Lynnette Davidson
New Thing I'm Really Excited About: Helping to plan UBC's 80's Prom
New Bad Habit: Not counting my carbs
New Good Habit: keeping my room clean
New Favorite Phrase: Dynamic Tensions
New Crush:..... I wish there was a new one.
New Home Improvements: Mini-bathroom makeover courtesy of Target
New Books: Theology for the Community of God by Stanley Grenz, The Sacred Way by Tony Jones, and Small Group Leadership as Spiritual Direction by Heather Webb
New Favorite Beverage: Pina Colada (no, not the virgin version)
New Favorite Board Game: Scrabble, a classic
New Favorite Afternoon Activity: Getting the flavored drink of my choice at Sonic
New Idea for a Party: Caribbean theme, jerk chicken, still drum music, and all kinds of yummy frozen tropical drinks
New Thorn in my Side: the pain that sprout up in my left shoulder and arm tonight during community group
New Favorite Blog: Zach Braff's- gardenstate.typepad.com

So what's new with you friends?


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