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Monday, November 08, 2004

A Series of Small Vinettes from the Week

I feel so guilty over not bloggining in a whole week, but this is not supposed to be a guilt trap, so I will do my best to refrain. It seems that there's so much but yet so little going on in my life right now. So little, because I still don't have a job, and school work seems rather light between now and thanksgiving or maybe I just don't care anymore. I guess you could say there are a lot of little things though, and life is made up of a lot of little things, right?

1. Kelly and Josh were both gone this weekend. When I got back from fall break, they were both kind of dating people. It blindsided me. I was lost for about a week, and really quite pitiful. I just moped around the house listening to Patty Griffin and Sarah McLachlan. That's also when I started dieting because I knew I wouldn't eat out as much.

No, I guess that's not really a little thing. In some ways it's brought on profound changes to my life here in Waco.

2. I've lost about 10 pounds, which is pretty exciting. My two weeks of induction, the most strict phase of the diet where your body starts burning fat because it doesn't have all the carbs, is over. I could move on, but you lose weight more quickly on this phase. I am going to give it at least another week.

3. I had a really good weekend even though I did feel slightly abandoned. I guess I'm getting used to that. I've been hanging out with the first years who go to UBC, and I really like them. We watched In America on Friday night. It was so good. It was the film for our God in the movies series yesterday. Kyle talked about 1 Corinthians 11 & 12 and how it's against our nature to embrace our weaknesses, but we should swallow our pride like Paul and just do it. Very timely for me, as his talks always seem to be.

4. Saturday was really fun. I went shopping with a friend, then some folks came over to play scrabble and watch Big Fish. It may be my new favorite movie, but I'll have to blog more about that later. We listened to cultural music and drank hot tea while playing scrabble. I felt like such an adult for some reason. It seemed like such a mature night of fun that would bore someone who was younger or less mature. Then I though to myself, "This is probably what spintresses consider to be a riveting evening." Oh well, here's to all the spinstresses.

5. I spent most of yesterday afternoon working on an evite for the UBC/Truett get together we're having next Sunday evening. I'm really excited because I have something to focus my time and energy on this week, and if you know me you know how much I love to plan events!

Sorry this isn't too insightful, but I think insight maybe coming. Stay tuned...


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