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Monday, November 01, 2004

Halloween for us Poor Country Girls

It doesn't seem like there is all that much that is really important going on with me right now, but I sure have been busy. Here's a short synopsis of all the happenings.

- I went to the Halloween party the other night as a dark angel. Kelly and I came up with that about 30 minutes before we left. My upstairs neighbor was a good angel, and we looked like good and evil twins. I had a better time at the party than I thought. It's the one time of year all of us Truett folks get to dance together.

- I am on book three of the four books I have a book report due tomorrow. That's the main thing that has eaten my time this weekend.

- I am officially poor. After I pay my rent I will have less than $17 in the bank. Still praying for a job. Maybe being poor will be good for me. I have never not had the money to do the little things I want to do. This weekend I won't be at the UBC retreat, which I would really love to go because I don't have the $40 I need to go. Tear, tear.

- It's Monday, and those are never my fun days because I usually never leave the house or see anyone. Right now I am watching a show on the travel channel that has taught me everything I ever wanted to know about Dollywood. I really do love Dolly Pardon. She seems like she could be your next door neighbor and best friend. She was poor too, but now she is the only celebrity I know of who has her own theme park. That's just freakin' cool. I think I will be her for Halloween next year.


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