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Sunday, April 17, 2005

"I've Had the Time of my Life"....80's Prom at UBC

Okay, I know it's kind of old news, and I know I'm supposed to be writing about my hopes and dreams for the Church, but I wanted to share with you my pictures from the 80's prom we had at church last week. The hours we spent decorating were well worth the outcome. Everyone had a blast! I was afraid that it would be awkward, you know, like a junior high dance or something. Not knowing who to dance with and what not, but I shook my a*% and had a great time. The outfits were great, the hair was frizzy and mullety, the place looked amazing, and the David Crowder Band, minus Crowder that is, supplied some 80's cover songs. They really got into the whole 80's bit.

My need to plan events was satisfied, especially when I stood up on a corner of the stage and snapped pictures of everyone dancing under our tin foil stars and having such a great time. If you ever want to plan an 80's prom, give me a call. It was the most fun I've had in a long time. Enjoy the pictures!

Much Love,


Blogger Sam Davidson said...

What in the hell is a church doing hosting a prom? When will you crazy emergent sinners learn that a church is supposed to turn people from hell and have mild-mannered potlucks once a quarter? Please read the Bible, especially the parts talking about church being boring and scary and about women not being allowed to be involved.

7:11 PM  
Blogger lynnette said...

looking at the pictures and reading your post...i am so incredibly jealous right now. :( wish i could have been there.

6:44 PM  

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